NutriNews International is ready for its unveiling at Eurotier 2022!

08 Nov 2022

NutriNews International is ready for its unveiling at Eurotier 2022!

NutriNews is the first communication tool in the agricultural sector dedicated exclusively to animal nutrition.

NutriNews was born with the aim of constituting a space of reference and dissemination for companies, institutions, researchers and specialists within this field at a global scale. At the end of 2013, when we launched our digital media platform nutriNews -newsletter, monographic and web- we obtained an excellent response. Receiving, from day one, a very high share of visits and downloads of our articles in Spain and various Spanish-speaking countries. This success encouraged us to complete our communications offer. Since then, we have launched Nutrinews Latam, Nutrinews Brasil with very encouraging responses.

Now, nutriNews International begins its journey within the publishing world at EuroTier 2022 and we could not be more excited! The world’s leading trade fair for animal husbandry and livestock management is back and nutriNews International will be there to make its mark with the unveiling of its international magazine!


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The biggest European and International Livestock farming event, will serve as the perfect showcase for all the new trends and innovations in agriculture. It will take place at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds, from the 15th to the 18th of November 2022 where approximately 1,700 companies from 55 countries will be exhibiting their full range of products and services destined for modern animal husbandry. The event’s theme “Transforming Animal Farming”, is never more relevant than now, in a highly convoluted world demanding solutions for the challenges of the present and the future. The organizer of this great trade fair as well as its technical program are DLG (German Agricultural Society).

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EuroTier 2022

Production and value chains as well as social and environmental demands on livestock farming are changing rapidly in Europe and also increasingly worldwide. This makes it all the more important for farms and agribusinesses to play an active role in shaping the future. This is where EuroTier  the world’s leading trade fair for animal husbandry and livestock management  comes in with its international platform to showcase the latest innovations and approaches for adapting to changing conditions.

Consumption patterns have shifted towards a greater proportion of animal derived products despite the world’s rising population. This can be partially explained by increased incomes per capita which result in higher consumption levels of animal products.  Bringing along higher expectations and social demands upon agriculture. Besides focusing on the production of high-quality food, consumer demands also encompass the productive conditions under which such food is being produced. Aspects like: sustainable production, environmental protection, animal health and animal welfare are key points within this discussion. Driving innovation and research towards this direction.

Under such scenario, farm inputs of various kinds are of great importance for the success of every agricultural business. Therefore, it is not surprising that interesting developments and innovations within this area will be presented at EuroTier 2022.

Minimizing environmental impacts through feed (reduction strategies)

Feed and feeding are particularly important amongst farm inputs. “Good” animal nutrition depends on good ration planning and consequently on suitable feeding systems. One goal that has traditionally been pursued in relation to feeding is to minimize the use and emission of environmentally relevant substances such as  nitrogen (N) and  phosphorus (P). Existing knowledge on sustainability and management practices that include minimization strategies are key for future farming. Classic approaches like: the optimization of dietary amino acid profiles, the inclusion of enzyme supplements like phytases, to improve nutrient availability and digestibility, are examples of strategies that can make significant contributions. However, it is quite as important to stay open to new approaches and innovations.

The use of farm inputs is always subject to change. In a scenario with a general shortage of land resources, the avoidance of food competition with humans will become an important driving force for innovation. This means, that farm-produced basic fodder will continue to hold its importance and it will most likely increase.

Animal feed trends 

Amongst the many products and topics to be covered, animal feed trends will have a predominant role within the event. Detlef Kampf, Head of Animal Nutrition, DLG Competence Center Agriculture, has provided an overview of such trends which will be presented by multiple exhibitors. The following are some of the categories worth mentioning:

  1. “Functional” complementary feeds

Supplementary feeds or pre-mixes do not focus primarily on supplying energy and major nutrients to the animal, but are intended to support them through the inclusion of special ingredients. These could include amino acids and enzymes, medium chain fatty acids, oligo- or polysaccharides or polyphenolic acids that promote intestinal function, metabolism and the immune system, and thus animal health. Complementary feeds are of particular interest currently as they can assist in reducing the amount of antibiotics used on livestock farms.

  1. Optimizing compound feeds for nitrogen and phosphorus

Our understanding has grown into how excess nitrogen and phosphorus in livestock rations passes through the animals and are excreted in manure, where it can pollute the environment. Nutritionists continue to look at how they can reduce the damaging effects that may result. The aim of nutrition is to match rations to the animal’s actual requirements to maintain body functions as well as for meat, milk or egg production.

Due to the high protein requirements of animals, protein supplementation often exceeds nutritional-necessary levels. This is also the case with phosphorous, where the available quantity in the diet from a particular source can vary so there could be more than expected, or it may be in a form that’s poorly utilizable by the animal and immediately excreted. Protein requirements can be better balanced by optimizing the feed protein quality through targeted feed processing, supplementation of free amino acids, as well as through the use of specific enzymes. Most important is meeting the precise nutritional requirements for an animal’s particular performance level and or growth phase.

  1. Alternative non-GMO protein sources

As it becomes increasingly difficult to source soybean meal from suppliers that can guarantee that the product does not include material from genetically modified (GMO) plants, more and more farmers in  European countries have stopped using imported soybean meal or feed that may include this material. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for alternative protein feedstuffs that can be used instead, such as rapeseed meal (non-GMO!), field beans, peas, lupins or sunflower meal. All of these are now in demand, and research continues into the extent to which each of these feeds can be used in animal diets without affecting animal health, feed intake and efficiency.

Concluding Remarks

Demands on farming activity are likely to increase significantly in the coming years.  Hence, a  thorough discussion regarding animal production efficiency and evaluating its sustainability is very necessary.  EuroTier 2022 represents a suitable platform to allow a comprehensive overview of this current scenario. Providing a space for discussion and information exchange.

The nutriNews International team is looking forward to taking part in EuroTier 2022. Where we will be live at the Hannover exhibition grounds, covering trend-setting developments within the agricultural sector, and sharing with all of those who wish to come visit us at stand hall 20 booth A39. Where we hope you get to enjoy our media offer and our international launch!

 We will see you there!


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