Capsozyme® SB Plus

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Capsozyme® SB Plus is the only registered preparation in the EU that combines alpha-galactosidase and xylanase, as well as complementary invertase activity, aimed at improving the energy and protein values of soybeans, rapeseeds, and other legumes in animal diets.

  • Hydrolysis of alpha-galactosides, oligosaccharides of the raffinose family (raffinose and stachyose), present at levels of up to 15% in soybean meal, other legumes and rapeseed, increasing by direct effect the content of absorbable sugars and the metabolizable energy of the diet.
  • Reduction of the anti-nutritional effects associated with raffinose and stachyose present in legumes and rapeseed, such as the increase in the osmotic pressure of the intestinal content, and flatulence and intestinal discomfort due to bacterial fermentation in the large intestine and caecum.
  • Viscosity reduction of intestinal contents and release of absorbable sugars by hydrolysis of arabinoxylans in different cereals present in the diet.
  • In short, anti-nutritional factors with a great impact on intestinal function are eliminated, guaranteeing an improvement in energy and protein digestibility of diets.

Fluid solid product for application in feed at 350 g/ton, and in a concentrated format for application via premix.

For use in poultry farming to reduce the cost of diet formulation and for the improvement of productive

Tested in published trials showing the increase of metabolizable energy, crude protein, amino acids and other nutrients in diets containing legumes and rapeseed, as well as corn and wheat, allowing the formulation of flexible and optimized diets that lower feed costs.

Additive no. 4a33.

Guaranteed main activities:

  • 1,6-α-galactosidase from the strain Aspergillus tubingensis ATCC SD 6740, min. 40,000 GALU/kg of product.
  • Endo-1,4-β -xylanase from the strain Trichoderma longibrachiatum CBS 139997, min. 50,000 AXC/kg of product.

Complementary activity:

  • Invertase, 250.000 U/kg of product.
  • Action on alpha-galactoside antinutrients, specific to legumes and rapeseed.
  • Formulation of more economical and versatile diets, which allow the incorporation of alternative ingredients.
  • Stability when pelleted and during the shelf life of feed and premixes (6 months).
  • From non-GMO microorganisms.
  • Technical and analytical support for feed and raw materials, for the quantification
    of alpha-galactosides and dosage of the product.


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