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Glyadd® – Chelated minerals with Liptosa technology

LIPTOSA, a European manufacturer, provides a reliable supply of organic minerals through its GLYADD® product line. These minerals are obtained through the chelation process, where a metal and an amino acid combine, resulting in a notable enhancement of mineral bioavailability.

Chelated minerals are essential to maintain optimal health and a proper immunitary response.

  • The union with glycine guarantees an optimum availability given its low molecular weight.
  • Optimizes productive parameters in which Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe are involved: growth, zootechnical and reproductive performance, among others.
  • The bond between the mineral and glycine amino acid results in high stability and
    bioavailability molecules.
  • Low molecular weight molecules that/which are transported by protein receptors in digestive process at intestinal level.

Glyadd organic minerals are result of the chelation reaction between a metal ion (Zn, Cu, Mn or Fe) with glycine amino acid:

  • Glyadd®Zn: zinc glycinate 26%
  • Glyadd®Cu: copper glycinate 24%
  • Glyadd®Mn: manganese glycinate 22%
  • Glyadd®Fe: iron glycinate 20%
  • Glyadd®Eggshell: combination of chelated minerals indifferent ratios/proportions
  • In different animal species.


  • Inclusion in the production of vitamin-mineral premix and nutritional nuclei.


  • Replacement of inorganic mineral sources added to the feed.
  • High bioavailability
  • Lower environmental pollution
  • No interaction with other ingredients
  • High absorption


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