Spray-dried eggs an alternative to battle malnutrition

30 Sep 2022

Spray-dried eggs an alternative to battle malnutrition


Spray-dried eggs represent a viable alternative to battle malnutrition.

Hen eggs are considered the cheapest protein but a valuable protein source. The global per capita consumption is estimated at around 161 eggs, a high number that has been increasing over the years. However, not all people around the world consume this food. This is why some researchers evaluated spray-dried eggs as a micronutrient-rich nutritional supplement. 

“Regular consumption of hen eggs can help to prevent deficiencies of essential nutrients, such as essential amino acids, vitamin A and E or trace elements zinc and selenium, for vulnerable populations.”

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Study objective

This study aimed to assess the nutritional value of spray-dried eggs, favored by their manufacturability, storability, and ease of addition to (complementary) foods.

The idea was to record and compare the nutrient profiles of commercially produced pasteurized whole eggs and their respective powder samples spray-dried at 160°C. This study demonstrated that spray-drying could mostly retain the high nutritional quality of pasteurized whole eggs without accumulating potentially harmful compounds.

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Important nutrients that were not significantly affected by spray-drying include:

  • total fat content,
  • several amino acids,
  • α- and δ-tocopherol,
  • lutein,
  • zeaxanthin,
  • essential trace elements and
  • cobalamin


The potential of eggs to help prevent malnutrition in vulnerable population groups is further enhanced by their possible use in:

Spray-dried, and concentrated form, with easier storability, which both represent crucial factors in regards to their use in low- and middle-income countries.

 Results (Highlights)

A daily intake of spray-dried egg powder corresponding to one medium-sized egg meets dietary reference values for children, e.g., 100% for vitamin E, 24% for retinol, 61% for selenium, and 22% for zinc.

Even though a dry weight comparison favors supplementation with pasteurized whole eggs, the results demonstrate a high potential for spray-dried eggs as nutritional supplements. However, the spray-drying process should be optimized toward higher retentions of unsaturated fatty acids and retinol.


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*This study was published in the Journal Frontiers in nutrition. 

Source: Pirkwieser P, Grosshagauer S, Dunkel A, Pignitter M, Schneppe B, Kraemer K and Somoza V (2022) Evaluation of spray-dried eggs as a micronutrient-rich nutritional supplement. Front. Nutr. 9:984715. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2022.984715


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