Can Natu-B4® reduce the cost of pig production?

03 Jul 2024

Can Natu-B4® reduce the cost of pig production?


Natu-B4® is a polyherbal-based product that is recommended to replace choline chloride
(CC) in swine feeds. Although it’s use and acceptance has increased over the years during
the starter and grower phase, recent field evidence supports the benefits of Natu-B4®
supplementation in the finisher phase.

This trial was conducted to validate the hypothesis that Natu-B4® could benefit pig
performance during the last phases of growth.


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Evaluate the effect of Natu-B4® supplementation in grower-finisher pigs on zootechnical performance.


Table 1. Description of treatments

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Feeds were based on corn and soybean meal. The levels of crude protein, digestible lysine and net
energy (NE) used during the study are presented in Table 2.

Table 2. Nutrient composition of the diets

The statistical model used to analyze the results included the average response, the fixed
effects of treatment and pen and the residual. All performed by the GLM procedure of SAS.


The utilization of Natu-B4® resulted in a significant reduction (p = .048) of 2.9 days in the time
required for pigs to reach 100 kg (Figure 1).

Additionally, the use of Natu-B4® showed a noticeable improvement (p = .078) in the daily growth rate of pigs at 100 kg (Figure 2). 

The feed conversion rate (FCR) at 100 kg was not different between treatments (p >.05).
However, the pigs fed with Natu-B4® presented a numerical advantage of 0,05 (5 points) in average in comparison to the control animals (Figure 3).


The findings of this study prove how the addition of Natu-B4® to the diet of pigs (at a rate of 250 g per ton) has the potential to enhance zootechnical performance during the finishing phase.

Moreover, it presents an economically viable alternative for reducing the overall cost of pig production.

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Nuproxa international 07-2023
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Nuproxa international 07-2023
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