Novus International Inc. Launches Modern Brand

08 Jun 2023

Novus International Inc. Launches Modern Brand

Intelligent Nutrition Comes to the Animal Protein Industry: Novus International, Inc. Launches Modern Brand Focused on More

Novus International, Inc., a global feed additive company, is ushering in a new era of smarter solutions for farmers worldwide with its launch of intelligent nutrition.

During a press conference held at the World Pork Expo in Iowa, Novus unveiled a comprehensive rebranding initiative that reflects the company’s commitment to delivering enhanced value to its customers through advanced technology and global scientific research. The changes underscore Novus’ dedication to providing unexpected benefits and pushing the boundaries of traditional solutions.

According to Ed Galo, Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Novus, “Intelligent nutrition is how we support animal health and performance. By combining our experienced team, insightful perspective, and smarter solutions, we are able to offer more to our customers and producers. That’s what intelligent nutrition is all about.”

Under the leadership of President & CEO Dan Meagher, Novus has refocused its efforts on addressing challenges and opportunities in production to best support its customers. The company’s product portfolio includes amino acids, organic bis-chelated trace minerals, organic acids, enzymes, essential oils, and groundbreaking INTERIUS™ technology for embedding functional ingredients in grain.

Novus’ solutions and customer-focused services are renowned for supporting reproductive performance, structural and gut health, and nutrient utilization, ultimately optimizing performance and sustainable protein production. However, Novus aims to go above and beyond.

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth since our inception in 1991,” Galo noted. “In recent years, we’ve identified our unique offerings for poultry and livestock producers, nutritionists, feed mills, and distributors worldwide – solutions that offer something extra, services and solutions that are made of more.”

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“Made of More™,” Novus’ new slogan, represents the company’s commitment to delivering additional value in all its future endeavors. “Just as producers are asked to do more with their poultry and livestock, our experience and solutions offer more to help them achieve their production goals,” said Abishek Shingote, Novus Associate Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing – Technology & Innovation.

Novus’ liquid and dry methionine solutions utilize the HMTBa molecule, a precursor to L-methionine. This unique molecule makes ALIMET® feed supplement, MHA® feed supplement, and MFP® feed supplement nitrogen-free while benefiting overall gut health with organic acid properties. The liquid ALIMET® feed supplement requires minimal handling due to Novus’ automated inventory system (AIMS). HMTBa is also the backbone for MINTREX® bis-chelated trace minerals, which provide highly bioavailable and absorbable organic zinc, copper, and manganese, allowing for lower mineral inclusion in rations without compromising performance. MINTREX® also serves as a source of methionine through HMTBa. Additionally, ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid, made from a blend of organic acids and HMTBa, has shown to reduce the survivability of certain pathogens in feed.

“These products provide more than what customers expect from traditional organic trace minerals or organic acid solutions,” Shingote emphasized.

As Novus strives to deliver more to its customers, the company is actively working on new products through in-house development, partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions.

“Innovation remains our top priority. As experts in the global food system, we foresee the direction of the animal protein industry, and our vision guides us in helping meet regional goals, from performance and environmental sustainability to return on investment,” Galo affirmed. “We are committed to creating new ideas and technologies that improve animal health and animal protein production.”

In addition to the launch at the World Pork Expo, the new Novus brand will be showcased at the 1st International Livestock, Dairy, Meat Processing and Aquaculture Exposition from June 7-9 in Manila, the 23rd European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) from June 21-24 in Italy, and other Novus-hosted events throughout the year.


For more information on intelligent nutrition and how Novus is made of more, please visit

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